What do you say to people who self diagnose themselves?

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I am someone who self diagnosis myself all the time. I still go to the doctors whenever I need to be sure though. I always tell them what I think it could be, but not what it is. Because I don't know.

Anyway, what do you say to those who are set on what they had diagnosed themselves?
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I tell people to not self treat though. If they think they know what is causing them issues, then they should take the issue to the doctors right away. Leaving the issue to wait and progress could result in worse problems persisting.
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Although I am not a doctor, I can say that self diagnosing can lead to bad outcomes: stress, anxiety, etc. Medics have to go through intensive training for a reason. There are so many symptoms for many overlapping diseases which would cause mis-self diagnosing. Plus, its nearly always required for a physical visit to get diagnosed- its much more deeper than just 2-5 symptoms that could be applicable to many diseases.

At times, the brain can even convince itself you have those symtpoms just to match a self diagnosis for your own purpose,
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