It's happening, there will be pills to fight off covid

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Yes, this is great news. I guess some drug makers have made a pill that is very effective at fighting covid. This is great news for those who are dealing with covid, as they will now be able to take medication for the virus. Does this mean we don't need the vaccine? Or is it recommended that we still get the vaccine and if we do end up still getting it, we can take the pills?

Here's the story: ... ed-to-know
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Aaron H
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I'm not so sure about this. I feel like a lot of these people producing medicine, are doing it to make profits, and of course they will probably be paid a ton for this medicine. They should give this medication to the people, free of charge.
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The Doc
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Although I think healthcare should be free, I dont think theres much hope over the next years- especially with the pandemic. On the side of the pill, I doubt people would trust a company that is not towards the top. Heck, people were even skeptical about the Pfitzer vaccine; now imagine this.
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